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This Finnish-German Vocabulary Test is work-in-progress, i.e. it's at the moment pretty empty (since I have no clue about Finnish and know about 10 words) but the vocabulary will grow and get better every week (unless I'm lazy and drop the whole project). Also I'm planning some minor improvements to the pages themselves, e.g. some rating system so that you know how well you did in your test.

I started this 'project' because I'm more (says my girlfriend) or less (says I) sitting in front of a computer all day and figured that it's the easiest way for me to learn and repeat some words every now and then. It's based mostly on the course 'Finnischer Grundkurs I' at the Institute for Finno-Ugristik at the Vienna University and partly on the course 'Finnisch 1a' at the Volkshochschule Brigittenau.


If you find any misspelled words (my German sucks ;), think that I forgot some very important words or have other suggestions, complaints etc., just mail me.


The vocabulary test is very easy to use. A word, phrase or sentence is presented to you that you should translate. Enter your guess and press the 'Go for it!' button.

Some rules that will help you:

  1. Some words have more than one translation, it doesn't matter which one you choose (unless of course you use some very tricky translation which is not in my vocabulary).
  2. Your guess will not be treated case-sensitive, i.e. it doesn't matter whether you type 'Suomi' or 'suomi' to translate 'Finnland' into the Finnish language. This might not be proper use of the language at times, but it helps to keep the frustration level low.
  3. Always use the female version if you're asked to translate a Finnish word, e.g. 'opettaja' should be translated to 'Lehrerin'. This helps to save space in my word list.
  4. If the word you're asked to translate has some punctuation mark then the translation should have one too, e.g. 'Wer?' should be translated to 'Kuka?' and not 'Kuka'. ('kuka?', 'kuKA?', 'KUKA?', etc. would be fine, though, see Rule No. 2)
  5. Also, if you're asked to translate a sentence or phrase, type in a sentence or a phrase as your guess.
  6. You have to write numbers in whole words, not just in numerics. So, type 'vierzehn' instead of '14'.
  7. You always need to enter a guess. This should motivate you to really try and find a word instead of just clicking the 'Go for it!' button constantly.
Where can I start? 

Here. Pick on of the following two choices:

And if you just want to check out the current database, maybe to get a better idea of what the entries look like, visit the Finnish-German word list.

Oh, and if you're interested in some silly statistical nonsense about the Finnish language, go here. If you don't understand the content of that page, dun worry, it's ok. ;)

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