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What is it? 

phpRecEvent screenshot phpRecEvent is a web-based application to help you schedule and execute weekly recurring events. It consists of some php-scripts to create the user interface plus an (optional) cron-script written in perl to mail users the new event informations once a week.

It supports per-event template files for both the interface pages and the emails which can be easily translated into other languages. Templates for English, Finnish and German are provided. All HTML pages are customizable via CSS.

Other features include grouping of participants, priority-based scheduling of the access of the web pages, auto-enrolling of some participants for the event every week, a mail messenger on the web pages and editing the template files via the browser.

phpRecEvent was initially started as project for the Real-Time Systems Research Group -EXTERNAL- at the Vienna University of Technology -EXTERNAL- .


For the web pages:

  • Apache 1.3.x (tested with Apache 1.3.22),
    even though any other web server should do as well as long as it can execute php scripts.
  • PHP4 or better (tested with PHP 4.1.1)

For the cron script:


Current version: phpRecEvent-0.7.1.tar.gz


If you want to try phpRecEvent, head over to the demo installation (version 0.7.1). Apart from the participants list it's read-only. You can still use all the features although you'll see no effects of any of your changes.


There's a manual, you can either view it online (about 640k) or download it.

You can also take a look at the README file, see what CHANGES have been made and see a list of things that are still TODO in future releases.


Please send any comments, suggestions or questions to Patches for bugfixes or feature enhancement are also welcome.

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