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What is this all about? 

I've been using NeoMail for quite some time now and overall I've been very happy with it and can recommend it to everyone who wants to provide a simple, yet powerful web-based interface to the mailboxes of their users without running any pop3- or imap-Daemons.

So, why's there a patch then if I like it that much? Well, because I think that emails should be written and read in a monospaced font. There are many reasons for this, but of course the most important one is that my .signature looks bad if displayed in, say, Helvetica.

Luckily someone had the same idea already and made the changes available on the net (, thanks to for the nice work) where I found them and put them into two neat patch-files for ease of installation.


Download the two files below, then switch to the directory where the NeoMail files are stored (usually /var/neomail/) and type:

patch -p1 < /path/to/

After that, switch to the directory where the file resides (usually /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ or something similar) and type:

patch < /path/to/neomail-1.25.cgi.patch

Well, that's it, swift and painless.


Currently this patch only supports NeoMail 1.25 and consists of two files, neomail-1.25.patch and

Use the "Save link as ..." function of your browser to download the files.


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