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What is it? is a small script that uses (including the wonderful feature of the status report) to send sms without having to log on, go to the sms send page, etc. This is especially useful if you send sms to non-Austrian mobile phones, because can store those foreign phone numbers in its phone book, unlike the phone book on the website.

The script can send multiple sms to multiple recipients, can read input from STDIN and supports anonymous sending of sms without the need for an account at

Latest News:
The owner of didn't like my script all that much, so the pages were changed in a way preventing the script to work. That wouldn't have been much of a problem, but also he threatend to sue me, so I'm not actively working on it any longer.


Current version:

More Infos 

You can take a look at the README file and a sample configuration file, see what CHANGES have been made and see a list of things that are still TODO in future releases.

There also some known BUGS, report any other bugs to

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