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+ Finnish-German Vocabulary Test
+ NeoMail Fixed Font Patch
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phpRecEvent is a web-based PHP application (plus a Perl script for usage with cron) that helps you schedule weekly recurring events.

Finnish-German Vocabulary Test 

For all the people who want to test their knowledge of the Finnish and/or German language I provide this small vocabulary test. Warning: it's work-in-progress. is a small Perl script that uses to send short messages (sms) to mobile phones.

Latest News:
The owner of didn't like my script all that much, so the pages were changed in a way preventing the script to work. That wouldn't have been much of a problem, but also he threatened to sue me, so I'm not actively working on it any longer.

Fixed Font Patch for NeoMail 

A small patch to display message bodies in a fixed font in the NeoMail webmail application

Linux Courses -GERMAN-  

This page contains information about the Linux courses that I'm teaching at the WIFI Wien plus you can download the course material in PDF format.

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