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About Me 

There's so much to say about me. Unfortunately I can't come up with anything right now. Go take a look at my old pages down below for now.

Picture Gallery -EXTERNAL-  

Pictures for all you people interested in some Real Life things I've been doing.

Audio CD List 

I love music. Well, not all music, just the really good stuff. And if you want to know what I think is good music (and what I thought is good music in the past but then found out that it's a great pile of BS but couldn't be arsed to sell it because no one would buy music like that anyway) then take a look at my (pretty long) list of audio CDs.

Old Stuff 

If you want to see some really bad webdesign, feel free to check out my very old and very outdated pages here -EXTERNAL- . Actually it's not even that bad, considering some other pages I've seen on the web. Just beware all the dead links.

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