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+ SSH Login
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This section is only useful to people that either have an account on or are subscribed to or want to subscribe to the Vienna mailing list.

Secure Shell Login 

With the help of this applet you can login to from where ever you are, given that you meet three requirements:

  • you have an account on
  • your browser supports Java
  • you have been behaving in the past and are allowed to actually login and not only use the webmail service

The applet is about 330kbyte, so better use it only if you have no other SSH client at hand. (e.g. PuTTY, if you're using Windows)

Webmail Access -EXTERNAL-  

Unless you have set up a .forward file to get the mails from your account delivered to another address, this is probably the easiest way to access your mails.

Important! To access the webmail pages your browser needs to support SSL.

Vienna Mailing List -GERMAN- -EXTERNAL-  

The Vienna mailing list. The place to be. As long as you don't mind weird people talk about even more weird stuff using that wonderful language called German.

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