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April 22nd 2002 - Put a demo of phpRecEvent online.

April 17th 2002 - Ok, back online now with the new ISP, really nice and quick transition. During the change the bandwidth was also increased so you should see better performance. Oh, and I'm also using mod_gzip -EXTERNAL- nowadays, so if you have a decent browser then communication with this web server will be compressed before transmitting.

Addendum: Allow me a small rant: Microsoft Internet Explorer is definitely not a decent browser, taking its track record of security issues. Did you hear about the latest bug in IE -EXTERNAL- ? In short: don't press the back button in IE, someone might take over your computer. Luckily the problem was only known since last November, I can see how well Microsoft's campaign for more security is doing. Quoting Bill Gates -EXTERNAL- : "Our responsiveness has been unmatched -" ... very funny indeed. I'm sure in a couple of days we'll get the typical bugfix for IE problems: disable scripting, disable this, disable that, until IE is barely working. Jeez ... well, sorry for this rant, but I had to vent a bit.

April 12th 2002 - Long time no news. Unfortunately my ISP's decided to be difficult, so this is providing me a reason to write something. So, the new news are: this site won't be accesible for a couple of days (weeks?), only some parts will be moved to a different location and a forwarding to that location will be set up. As they say on Weyrmount -EXTERNAL- : No news is good news - most of the time.

Addendum: Since I don't want a news entry having just bad news, here something positive. I finally linked phpRecEvent, a PHP/Perl application that helps with scheduling of recurring events, into the menu.

November 19th 2001 - Since the vocabulary test seems to be way too difficult (well, for me at least), there's now also a Finnish-German word list online, helps with the cheating.

November 15th 2001 - In my feeble attempt to learn the Finnish language (yes, the one where most words start with 'k', almost 7% more then 14% to be exact (yeah, I can do maths just fine ;), according to /usr/share/dict/finnish) I came up with the idea of letting the computer help me train my vocabulary, and hence I present: the Finnish-German Vocabulary Test. Enjoy! (if you can ;)

October 29th 2001 - Put a tiny little patch for NeoMail -EXTERNAL- online.

October 15th 2001 - Finally put my list of audio CDs back online.

June 11th 2001 - Upgraded to a new version of ids -EXTERNAL- for my picture gallery -EXTERNAL- , which includes the fine feature of user-posted comments, so write a few lines if you're touched (or more likely really disturbed) by any of the pics. Oh, and I added some new pictures too!

May 2001 - After years and years of waiting and a strong feeling of anticipation among most of this planet's population, it's finally done: my new website. Well, actually I'm just fooling you, it's not really new, it's just a revamped version of the same old content, put into a nice framework so that I would be able to easily add new content if I wasn't too lazy for that anyway.

What To Expect 

Private Area
Here you can find information about the creator of these pages. Yeah, you're right, that's me. And if you want to know who this 'me' is you better go and check out this area.

Public Area
This part is dedicated to more or less useful stuff that I want to share with other people. And since I have a weird idea of 'more or less useful', i.e. I never think that anything might be useful for others, it's pretty empty. But take a look for yourself.

Members Area
If you have an account on, this might be the right place for you. This is also the place to go if you are subscribed to the Vienna mailing list.

If you want to know a bit about the technical background of this site, go there. Otherwise, better don't.


Navigation is pretty straight forward, so people that have used a browser before should have no problems.

There are a few icons that are used through-out this site:

-GERMAN- German content. (and no, that's not a German flag)
-EXTERNAL- Link that opens up in a new window.

The pages should work with most browsers, including text-based clients. Problems might occur with browsers that are bad at displaying (transparent) png-files or have issues with Cascading Style Sheets. Nonetheless, the pages should still work, they will just not shine in all their beauty.


The content of this site reflects the opinions of Wolfgang Karall. If you don't like these opinions that's fine. I probably don't like you either.

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